Beauty Salon Luton

Beauty Salon Luton

Whether you’re looking to develop a radiant glow or build up a deep dark tan when coming to our beauty salon Luton, you may have some questions about the tanning process on our industry leading sunbeds.

Below we answer some of the most commonly asked questions from our customers.

How do tanning lotions work?

There are so many different tanning lotions available that it can be difficult to know what one to choose.

It helps to look at the main components they contain and what they claim to do.

The most common ingredient in tanning lotion is called dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which causes darkening of the skin after reacting with amino acids in the dead layer of skin.

Another ingredient used in combination with DHA is Erythrulose. This produces similar results and makes skin look lovely and tanned for longer.

Other various tanning body oils applied to your skin make it easier to absorb UV rays, which speeds up the tanning process by causing your body to produce more melanin.

How often should I tan?

It’s really up to you! Whenever you feel your skin tone needs a colour boost or feel the need to release those wonderful, “happy hormones”.

We highly recommend waiting 36-48 hours between visits to gradually build and maintain your base glow. For best results, you should tan regularly, but not every day.

How long does it take to develop a tan?

Your tanning results may vary depending on your skin colour.

The average person can develop a base tan in 3-5 sessions with normal sunbed usage.

Different power levels of sunbed can influence the strength of your tan.

To build your tan safely, don’t exceed 2-3 tanning sessions a week.

What do I wear while tanning?

There are different options that you can wear while tanning, depending on what feels best for you.

Wear comfortable underwear or a bathing suit that will protect more sensitive skin from the sunbed.

Choose a strapless bra to avoid tan-lines and visible marks on your body.

Alternatively, wear nothing in a sunbed for a full-tanning experience and perfectly all-over body tan.

What are the benefits of tanning?

There are lots of benefits of tanning.

We believe in safe tanning and will help you develop a programme, taking skin type and sunbed type into consideration, helping you avoid burning and skin damage.

Sunbeds offer a controlled way to tan, providing UV light that helps you enjoy sufficient levels of Vitamin D, also known as the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’.

Other benefits of tanning include enhanced mood and improved appearance after a tanning session.

Learn more about the many benefits of tanning.

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Tanning and beauty is personal. What works for one person isn’t what will work for the next. That’s why we are happy to talk about exactly what type of tanning, what shade, what techniques, will work best for you. We want you to enjoy your tanning and beauty experience with us, and we want you to be pleased with the results. Get in touch today to find out more about what we offer, and how we can make your entire experience not just a good one, but a great one.